If you heard about the Tinnitus Remedy system by Ian McCall and you wonder if this natural solution for tinnitus can really help you or not, then we invite you to dedicate few minutes from your time and to check our detailed review below.

On this Tinnitus Remedy review we will do our best to help you understand in simple words what Ian McCall’s program is all about, what it can offer you and which pros and cons you must know about it before making your final decision.

Please understand that this is our personal and independent review about the program and this is not the official Tinnitus Remedy site. If you have found our review accidentally when searching for the official Tinnitus Remedy website or for any discounts for this program, then you may want to Click Here and to see how you can try the complete system for only $1 right from its official website…

Now, without further ado, below is a short intro about the basics of Ian McCall’s tinnitus solution.

Tinnitus Remedy System

What Exactly Is The Tinnitus Remedy System?


Created by Ian McCall, a health researcher and former tinnitus sufferer, the Tinnitus Remedy system (also known as the “Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever”) is a newly updated five-step holistic program that was designed to help chronic tinnitus sufferers naturally and permanently reduce or even completely eliminate their condition in 10 to 60 days.

The major component of Ian McCall’s system is the Tinnitus Remedy main guide that covers different angles and offers lots of information and step-by-step advice about tinnitus in order to help you stop the problem naturally and safely.

In a nutshell, here some of the main things that you will find inside this guide:


  • Medications that you should completely avoid to prevent worsening your condition or developing other health complications.
  • A list of little-known anti-tinnitus dietary supplements.
  • Tips and advice on how to accurately diagnose yourself of tinnitus using a multifaceted approach.
  • Info about a harmful household ingredient that can worsen your condition.
  • Two breathing methods that will help your body heal itself.
  • Proven technique that can help you permanently treat the root cause of the tinnitus pain.
  • Important vitamin supplements that can positively impact your condition and more…


In addition to the Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever guide, Ian McCall also offers few complementary bonuses once you purchase his system.

We won’t provide lots of details about these bonuses since you can find all you need to know about them on this page, however, in short, the most important items are the “Stop the Stress” guide that will provide you with important information to living a stress-free life, and the “Sleep Like a Pro” manual that will teach you how to feel fully rested each night while suffering from this problem.

OK, after the basics, it’s time to move on and to go over the different pros and cons of Ian McCall’s Tinnitus Remedy system so you can understand better if this tinnitus solution is really for you or not…

Tinnitus Remedy System Review

The Pros And Cons Of the Tinnitus Remedy Program


The Pros


Based On Holistic And Natural Strategy

Well, we can’t totally ignore the benefits of using mainstream treatments to cure tinnitus, however, it’s good to know that sufferers who look for alternative natural treatment to their problem can take advantage of holistic and all-natural solutions such as the Tinnitus Remedy system.

Inside his Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever book Ian McCall focuses on 100% natural methods such as breathing techniques, lifestyle modifications and mind relaxation strategies that will help your body be more capable of healing itself and completely eliminate tinnitus, just like in Ian’s case.

Fast Relief And Permanent Results

Another thing that we personally like about the Tinnitus Remedy system is that it was designed to firstly give you fast relief so you can experience improvement in as little as 10 days, and then to tackle the root causes of acute or chronic tinnitus so you can experience long lasting results, instead of only masking the symptoms in the short term.

Respected And Credible Author

It’s comforting to know that Ian McCall is a former tinnitus sufferer so he knows exactly how it feels to be in the same situation as his clients and what works and what doesn’t.

Aside from that, Ian is also a nutrition specialist, general health consultant and medical researcher, and these credentials add to the credibility of his program.

More Affordable Than Conventional Treatments

Well, we can’t give an exact figure of how much conventional treatments cost at your location, but here’s an idea:

1. In the U.S., people who suffer from tinnitus may have to pay $50 to $300 for each doctor’s consultation, if they don’t have insurance.

2. A half hour to an hour of hypnosis session could cost somewhere between $75 and $250.

And to add to that list, you will still have to pay for meds, which may also cost hundreds of dollars in some cases.

On the other hand, with the Tinnitus Remedy system you only have to pay a one-time reasonable fee which gives you full access to the main program, as well as the bonus items for free.

Your Money Back Guaranteed

Like any confident author, Ian McCall offers a full refund of your money for 60 days if you won’t find his tinnitus remedy program useful. With this guarantee you can try his methods and strategies for several weeks and to see if they really work for you or not without any risk.

This is another very important advantage as we see it.


The Cons


You May Or May Not Achieve Results

One thing that everyone should understand about Ian McCall’s Tinnitus solution is that it’s not 100% foolproof. After all, not all people are the same and tinnitus could be just a symptom of a more serious underlying health issue, which may not be addressed by this program.

In other words, we will recommend you to keep your expectations at reasonable levels.

Dedication Is A Must

Well, you are going to find lots of information inside this program so you need to dedicate a portion of your time and effort to not only read it, but also to follow the program step-by-step to get your desired results.

Don’t make any mistake, the Tinnitus Remedy system is not a “magic pill” and without your true efforts and dedication you will not get any results from it.

Marketed As A Digital Product

Currently, the Tinnitus Remedy program is formatted in PDF only. Although this isn’t a big deal for some, like us – since there’s no more waiting time or carrying of bulky books – others may find this unfavorable.

If you prefer a hard copy you will need to buy the digital version and print the entire program, including its bonuses, by yourself.

Ian McCall TinnitusThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Tinnitus Remedy system by Ian McCall can be a great choice for those people who suffer from persistent or intermittent tinnitus and are looking for an all natural & safe solution to their problem.

We really like the idea that this system has been authored by someone who formerly suffered from the same condition and the methods shared in this program were used by Ian himself to permanently get rid of his tinnitus and other associated conditions. In addition, Ian McCall is not just a former sufferer but he also has a few credentials under his belt that make him a credible go-to person when it comes to this matter.

We also like that Ian McCall took a holistic approach when he created this program, and you don’t have to pay a separate fee for hypnosis, meditation and other relaxation classes because these are already covered in his Tinnitus Remedy system.

After all, while mainstream medicine can help, it has its own set of pros and cons and it can also get really expensive many times. And that’s exactly what we like the most about the Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever system: it offers practical, natural and permanent solution that almost anyone can follow without the high price tag, different drugs or undergoing any surgery…

With all that said, the Tinnitus Remedy program is not for everyone.

Firstly, we must admit that we are a little doubtful if this system is really helpful for all types of tinnitus like claimed at different websites online. After all, there are some cases of tinnitus that are due to hereditary conditions, like ear bone changes and old age (presbycusis), and we are not so sure that in this kind of cases Ian McCall’s program will produce long-term results.

In addition, we want to emphasize again that the Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever guide is not a “magic pill” or anything close to that. If you are going to buy this program without reading all the material, following the step-by-step directions and putting in the efforts required, then you are not going to achieve the results you desire and we won’t recommend you investing in this system at this case.

On the flip side, we truly believe that the Tinnitus Remedy system can help you at least reduce your tinnitus symptoms if following correctly. We personally think that if you are looking for an all-natural and permanent cure, or for a complement to your existing treatment plan, the Tinnitus Remedy program is one product that should definitely be on the top of your list.

Moreover, with the fact that Ian McCall offers complete guarantee for his system, together with the special $1 trial offer that you can take advantage of these days, we really don’t see any explanation why you should not give the Tinnitus Remedy system a try…

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Well, that’s it for our Tinnitus Remedy review. We really hope you find this post helpful and we wish you good luck with getting rid of that pesky tinnitus soon!

Chris and Taylor

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