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Due to negative user feedbacks that we got in the last several months, we will not recommend the Osteoporosis Protocol program anymore. The review below is just for your convenience and it is the original review which we published before getting the feedback… You can contact us if you have any question regarding this update. We hope that it helps

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Osteoporosis Protocol

What Exactly Is The Osteoporosis Protocol?


Created by Jane Marshall, a former osteoporosis sufferer, The Osteoporosis Protocol can be best described as a new step-by-step guide that contains an all-natural 3 step system which can help you completely reverse osteoporosis, osteopenia, and other bone diseases in as little as 21 days.

According to Jane Marshall, The Osteoporosis Protocol is based on Adam Lockwood, a scientist and medical researcher, and his team’s research titled “Remodeling Dysfunction: Bone Death as the Cause of Osteoporosis.”

Jane says that she stumbled upon this study after obsessively looking for a good alternative to expensive hip replacement surgery and osteoporosis meds that require years to take effect.

According to the study done by Adam Lockwood and his team, taking magnesium or calcium dietary supplements don’t work at all in treating osteoporosis.


Well, they explain that it’s because these supplements only make your bones strong, and that’s not what people suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia need.

Adam Lockwood wrote that osteoporosis is caused by what scientists call as bone death. You see, our bone tissues are continually replaced every decade, however, in the case of bone-related diseases, like osteoporosis, your bone tissues stop regenerating. As a result, they become fragile, empty, and die in the long run.

So, what’s the solution?

Adam Lockwood and his team suggested this solution: stimulate bone tissue regeneration to replace dead bone tissues in order to give way to healthy and strong bones once again.

The problem with the study is that it didn’t give out specific details, like what foods and vitamins to consume or how to exactly go about things. According to Jane Marshall, this is exactly why she made the effort to contact Adam and to create the Osteoporosis Protocol.

Inside her guide Jane offers a 3-step method that his based on Adam Lockwood’s research which was designed to help you treat your osteoporosis at the source. In simple words, the 3-step method goes like that:

Step 1 – You’ll get hold of a list of multi-functional proteins and natural compounds. This section will also fully explain why you need these to stimulate the growth of new bone tissues.

Step 2 – Here you’ll learn about various minerals, vitamins, and foods that have these natural compounds and multi-functional proteins discussed in the first section of the guide. Jane Marshall explains that you can easily buy these things at your local grocery store for just around $20 all in all.

Step 3 – Here you’ll learn the right ways to combine and integrate these foods, minerals and vitamins into your daily diet.

Jane said that by following these three steps inside the Osteoporosis Protocol you will be able to get results in as little as 21 days, and she explains that you’ll know how well her method worked for you by undergoing a bone density test (best way) and through different body changes, like healthier fingernails, better posture, and pain alleviation.

This is basically what you can expect to find inside the Osteoporosis Protocol. For more details about Adam Lockwood’s research and about the natural compounds and various minerals that Jane Marshall recommends, you can check the official site.

Now, let’s go ahead and talk about the different pros and cons of the Osteoporosis Protocol so you can understand better if this all-natural solution is really the right choice for you personally…

Jane Marshall osteoporosis

The Pros And Cons Of The Osteoporosis Protocol


The Pros


A Completely Natural Way To Beat Osteoporosis

Fortunately for all of us, the natural compounds and particular proteins Adam Lockwood were referring in his scientific study are present in several vitamins, minerals, and foods. This doesn’t only chases our worries about nasty side effects, but it also makes it easier for you to integrate The Osteoporosis Protocol in your daily diet.

Backed Up By Scientific Studies

While we didn’t find the exact scientific studies Jane got hold of, we did find plenty of other studies online that would give credibility to her claims. For instance, a Swedish study featured in Fox News online suggested that high intake of calcium (750mg-1135mg) daily didn’t lower the risk of their female participants from fractures or osteoporosis.

This is just one example, however, there are many more researches available online that you can easily find by doing a search on Google or other search engines.

A Cheaper Alternative To Mainstream Treatment

How much do you spend monthly for your osteoporosis meds? How are they working so far?

Based on the studies we read, we believe it’s a total waste of money to buy dietary supplements that don’t help at all or require years to take effect in reversing osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

The Osteoporosis Protocol, on the other hand, is very reasonably priced and it is way cheaper than going on an expensive medical operation (for a non-life-threatening condition) or taking traditional osteoporosis meds.

It also helps that the specific foods, vitamins and minerals specified in this guide are relatively cheap too.

Pretty Fast Results

Most users of The Osteoporosis Protocol, including Jane Marshall, experienced significant improvement in the first twenty-one days while following the 3-step method. We don’t know about you, but we find that much faster than waiting for years just to get results (if any), as what’s the usual case with taking calcium or magnesium supplements.

A Full Refund Guarantee Is Offered

Almost all online products, at least the legit ones, have some kind of a refund policy, and we were really glad to see that Jane Marshall also has one in place for The Osteoporosis Protocol.

Jane offers all people who are interested in her guide the option to try the Osteoporosis Protocol for an entire two months, and if you won’t be happy with the results during this period Jane promises that a full refund is just an email away.

This guarantee (which is backed up by a trusted retailer of digital products) makes the Osteoporosis Protocol a completely risk-free solution in our eyes.


The Cons


Additional Proof

Well, we personally feel that Jane Marshall could have provided other proofs, like pictures of herself during her four-week hospital stay or a screen cap of Adam and his team’s scientific study on the official site of the Osteoporosis Protocol.

These are not absolute deal breakers, but we just thought that these would add more credibility to her story and her treatment plan.

Dedication Is Required

You should understand that you still need at least an entire three weeks in order to get the promised results of The Osteoporosis Protocol. In other words, if you’re the type of person who never finishes anything, you might want to skip this guide.

A Completely Digital Product

If you’re looking for a DVD copy or hardbound book, well, there’s none. The Osteoporosis Protocol is laid out in digital format and you will get access to the guide immediately after your payment.

While we personally think that this kind of format has many advantages, some may find this a disadvantage for them.

Osteoporosis Protocol reviewThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Osteoporosis Protocol is worth checking out, especially if you don’t like spending thousands of dollars on medical procedures or useless osteoporosis meds.

One thing that made us confident about this guide is the fact that it’s backed up by many scientific studies, including the one we mentioned before. We think that’s what many people, not only us, look for in any health and wellness product.

In addition, we really like that the Osteoporosis Protocol guide is very easy to follow and comes at a very reasonable price tag, which allows almost anyone to take advantage of it without breaking the bank account.

With that said, The Osteoporosis Protocol is not for everyone.

If you’re not going to act on what you learned or if you think that the Osteoporosis Protocol is some kind of “magic pill” then you should not get Jane Marshall’s guide from the beginning. You must understand that dedication is required on your part, and as with any other natural treatment guide, the results of the Osteoporosis Protocol may vary.

In addition, if Jane, or Adam, would be able to read this review, we really hope that she would take our suggestion of providing additional proofs on her website. It will make the decision process of many people easier in our opinion…

All in all, we still believe that the Osteoporosis Protocol can be a great help for many people, and if you want an all-natural osteoporosis treatment that you can easily integrate into your daily routine, then Jane Marshall’s 3-step system is absolutely an incredible option for you.

Moreover, right now the Osteoporosis Protocol is available for purchase at a limited time reduced price, and considering that it also comes with a full refund guarantee, we truly believe you should give it a try…

Well, that is it for our Osteoporosis Protocol review. We sincerely hope that this review was informative and helpful for you, and we wish you all the best!

Chris and Taylor

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