natural remedies for eye floatersEye floaters are tiny artifacts that appear in the visual field and change their position with the eye movements. They are not harmful, but some people are really annoyed by these dark specks and lines that keep on drifting about, therefore they seek solutions to make them disappear.

Some people choose to see their doctor about this issue. Others prefer to try natural remedies for eye floaters. Both categories are right, but people who go for the natural way are advantaged by smaller treatment costs and less hassle. Nonetheless, if you also experience a loss of side or peripheral vision accompanying your floaters, you should definitely contact am ophthalmologist, because your floaters may be the secondary symptom of a severe condition that needs proper diagnosis and treatment.

If, on the contrary, you only experience the annoying floaters, you can try some remedies like the ones described below.

1. Supplements that increase blood flow

Eye floaters are the result of the protein deposits in the gelatinous matter of the vitreous humor. An increased blood flow supposedly helps with better flushing out these protein deposits. There are no studies to prove it, but such supplements are worth a try, since they are good for you anyway. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular supplements that increase the blood flow. It is recommended in many cases of glaucoma. Lysine may also work, thanks to its effect of dilating the blood vessels.

2. Antioxidant vitamins

Turmeric, hawthorn berry and propolis are a few of the natural remedies for eye floaters that may work, although no studies were done to prove their efficacy. Anyway, they are good for preventing macular degeneration, therefore they are good for you. If they can reduce also the floaters, that would be a nice bonus.

3. Healthier nutrition

If you suffer from eye floaters, maybe it’s a sign you should switch to a healthier lifestyle and nutrition. If you have been subject to a detailed eye exam in order to rule out serious conditions, you can afterwards try various foods and see how your floaters behave. For instance, Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to have a positive effect on the eye health. You can try to either take an Omega 3 supplement or eat more fish and other foods that contain it.

Grape seed extract is among the natural remedies for eye floaters users claim to get good results with. You can find it in any specialized store or online, so there shouldn’t be a problem for you to test it.

Last but not least, living an active life with at least 30 minutes of exercise per day will keep you healthy and fit. It will also nourish your brain and delay the signs of aging. Among the positive effects of mild running or brisk walking, you may notice the disappearance of your eye floaters. It’s the best remedy, because it is both natural and free of charge. It costs nothing to go in a park and run a little every day 🙂

For a more complete natural solution for eye floaters be sure to check our review on the Eye Floaters No More book.

We hope that these natural remedies for eye floaters will be helpful for you. If you have any question about these tips feel free to contact us like always…

All the best!

Chris and Taylor


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