If you heard about Restore My Blood Sugar by Andrew Forester and Dr. Chao, and you try to figure out if this product is really the right one for your needs then our today’s in-depth review is for you.

On this Restore My Blood Sugar review we will focus on the most important things that we believe you should know and examine the pros and cons of this product so you can understand much better if Andrew Forester’s program is really the right pick for you or not.

First things first, here is a brief overview about Restore My Blood Sugar and the things that you will find inside.

Restore My Blood Sugar

What Exactly Is Restore My Blood Sugar?


Created by Andrew Forester, a healthcare professional and Dr. Chao, a doctor who has developed insulin resistance due to excessive consumption of sweets, the Restore My Blood Sugar program was especially created to help diabetics and pre-diabetics to normalize their blood sugar and blood pressure through natural ways.

As he was searching for a cure, Andrew Forester stumbled upon Dr. Chao in an Internet forum. Dr. Chao said that the big boys of the pharmaceutical industry is working hard to prevent people from knowing one important secret – that most ingredients for anti-diabetes drugs are commonly found in nature.

As a result, Andrew Forester and Dr. Chao decided to create an easy to follow program that is based on natural methods which can help those two groups of people:

1. People who want to reduce their risk for diabetes and build a stronger immune system for overall good health.

2. Type-1 and type-2 diabetics who want to reduce their dependence on synthetic oral drugs and insulin through natural means.

Inside their Restore My Blood Sugar program, Dr. Chao and Andrew Forester shares wealth of information about several topics and in a nutshell, here are some of the most important things that you will learn inside their main guide:


  • Different kinds of home remedies that are effective against blood sugar spikes.
  • Comprehensive information about the true source of diabetes and the reason why it’s so damn hard to eliminate.
  • Simple and straightforward tips on how diabetics can make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.
  • How to prevent the development of certain diseases related to diabetes.
  • A 5-minute workout routine that will help people bring down their blood sugar levels and lose weight, without the use of any equipment or drugs.
  • 20 superfoods, like cinnamon and goat’s rue herb, which are beneficial to diabetics.
  • Useful information on how to develop a diet plan that will help you maintain good health, and more.


Along with the Restore My Blood Sugar main guide, you’ll also get several bonus items, including a progress tracker software, mp3 files and few useful eBooks.

This is, in short, what you can expect to find inside the Restore My Blood Sugar system. Now, to understand better if this program is suited for you personally, here are some of its major pros and cons that we believe you must know.

Restore My Blood Sugar Review

The Pros And Cons Of Restore My Blood Sugar


The Pros


All-Natural Solutions

Although mainstream anti-diabetes drugs have their benefits, they also have their undesirable effects, which could affect different vital organs of your body. If you want to give your body a rest from synthetic drugs, the Restore My Blood Sugar program is a good alternative because it provides only natural home remedies for treating diabetes and other diseases associated with this condition.

Not Only For Diabetics

What’s great about this program is that it’s not only designed for diabetics. It is also beneficial for people with above-normal blood pressure and you can also use the tactics included in this program for dealing with stress, which can affect your health and life in the long run if not managed correctly.

Helps You Lose Weight In Just Few Minutes A Day

Being fit is part of any effective diabetes management program. As you might know, being overweight or obese predisposes people to different chronic health conditions, like diabetes.

And what we like about this part of the Restore My Blood Sugar program is that you don’t have to spend hours exercising nor use any weights. You only need few minutes a day to fight off blood sugar spikes and manage your weight.

A Clear-Cut Program

The author of this program, although a healthcare professional, didn’t use medical jargons that could make your nose bleed. Everything inside the Restore My Blood Sugar book is laid out using simple language and actionable tips.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

How much have you spent for your medications and consultation so far? Managing diabetes can be expensive, especially if complications start sprouting. The Restore My Blood Sugar program will help you reduce your medical expenses since it doesn’t require you to use any prescription drugs or supplements at all.

Backed Up By A 60-Day Policy, 100% Guaranteed

If you don’t experience any benefits after weeks of using it, Dr. Chao and Andrew Forester offer you a sixty days “no questions asked” money back guarantee. This guarantee is backed up by a trustable retailer of digital products, which can imply about the confidence that the authors have in their natural program.


The Cons


The Customer Service

There aren’t exactly negative reviews about this yet, however it’s just unclear for us whether a reliable customer support is on standby to assist customers with their concerns regarding this program.

The only support ticket that we have submitted was answered after about 3 days which is more than what we expected.

Still Have To Consult Your Doctor

Although Restore My Blood Sugar was created by healthcare professionals, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to fire your doctor immediately. For best results we will recommend to keep working closely with your doctor (although your visits may not be as frequent as before) while using this program.

After all, your doctor is the one who’s well-informed about your current condition and medical history.

Only Available Online

The Restore My Blood Sugar program comes in a downloadable PDF and audio files that can be bought only online. People who lack a reliable internet connection or don’t like eBooks may find this to be a major disadvantage for them.


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Restore My Blood Sugar Andrew Forester Dr ChaoThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that Restore My Blood Sugar is a great product to consider. What’s really great about it is that it doesn’t involve prescription drugs or artificial supplements, and it also gives you a clear understanding of the root cause of your condition and why it’s so difficult to get rid of, something which is very important in our opinion.

It’s not only diabetics who will benefit from this program. Hypertensive and stressed out individuals can also use the straightforward techniques and information taught by Andrew Forester and Dr. Chao to be healthy and gain peace of mind.

In addition, the fact that this program shows you how to manage blood sugar spikes and shed off the extra weight in just few minutes is a big advantage that can be extremely important for diabetics living a hectic lifestyle.

With all that said, Restore My Blood Sugar is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re expecting to get a hardbound book or DVD package, then Restore My Blood Sugar may not be for you. This program comes in a downloadable format and as we explained before you won’t find it in physical version at the “offline world”. In addition, as effective as this program may be for you, we won’t recommend you fire your doctor yet. Instead, work with him or her closely while using this program for best results.

Lastly, please remember that this program is not a “magic pill”. Real efforts and dedication are required from you while following the methods that Dr. Chao and Andrew Forester describe, so if you are planning to buy the program and do nothing else, then Restore My Blood Sugar is probably not for you.

On the other, if you are looking for natural and effective ways to normalize your blood sugar and blood pressure in order to build a stronger immune system or reduce your dependence on synthetic oral drugs and insulin then Restore My Blood Sugar is absolutely for you.

Moreover, with the great discounted price nowadays and the full money back guarantee we truly believe that you should try this natural system to discover how it can benefit you. After all, you really have nothing to lose…

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Well, we hope you find this review of the Restore My Blood Sugar system helpful for you and we wish you healthy and happy life…

All the best!

Chris and Taylor

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