natural remedies to sleep better

The human body works on a natural clock that set a time to sleep and wake up. Naturally, the body demands around 6 – 8 hours of sleep for it to be fully rested and rejuvenated. However, lifestyle has a direct effect on the amount of sleep people have. Issues of work stress, anxiety, and diet often take a lead as factors that influence how we sleep.

In as much as there are medications to help people address their sleeping problem and have a better night’s rest, natural remedies have also been proven to offer a good and lasting solution to the same problems. Here are a few options that you might want to consider to help your catch those elusive “zzz.”

• Listen to some soft music

Soft music is often considers food for the soul. It has a calming effect and is a good remedy for people dealing with stress and depression. Research as show that people who go to bed listening to soft calming music have a better or improved quality of sleep. You can take a short nap in the work place as you listen to such music and it will help you work up feeling more rested and relived from work stress. So consider tuning in for a better sleep when you go to bed.

• Do not be a couch potato

Exercising is always a good practice to keep your body healthy and fit. Taking up some aerobics classes or just regular forms of exercises such as swimming, biking, or jogging can be have positive effects on how you sleep. The body will be tired and demanding enough rest, which is asks for by having your fall into a deep restful sleep. You can do these exercises several hours before you jump to bed.

• Cut on caffeine

A cup of coffee is a good way to kick start the day, but not ideal when you are just about to jump into bed. Because caffeine increases brain activity and has a half-life of up to five hours, it will take you five hours after taking your cup for you to be able to catch some adequate sleep. Then again, that depends on how much you drink during the day or before going to bed. It is thus better to cut back on your caffeine intake, especially after lunch.

• Make dietary changes

Some foods will only give you a hard time when you are in bed trying to let the sandman take over. How the food is prepare matters. You should avoid spicy foods for supper more so if you have sleeping problems. In addition, take small amount of food when you are just about to go to bed. Start heavy in the morning, small amount of light, and a light dish for supper. This will help keep other complication such as acid reflux and indigestion from taking place and keeping your awake.

• Mediate, free your mind

Sometimes, we fail to sleep because our minds are constantly active even when in bed. Freeing up the mind is a key element to catching enough sleep. You mind sleep with a lot on your mind, but these will give your disturbing dreams that will only wake you up. One effective way of freeing the mind is meditation. Meditating is an art that has immense relaxation powers that affect the mind and muscles.

• Relax an hour before bed

The body is always looking for a means to rejuvenate after a busy and tedious day. Powering down will help the body get in tune and will help you fall asleep faster. Therefore, you need to do your best and clear any chores when you reach home. If you plan to jump into bed afterwards, make sure you also wash up and get dressed at least half an hour before. On the other hand, a good way to relax is to taking a nice warm bubbly soak in your bathtub as you listen to some slow music. This is good, and will be sweeter if you sleep nude in under silky soft, warm, and comfortable bed linens.

• Understand your body

The final secret to sleeping better is understanding your internal clock. While it is not a widely acceptable habit to sleep during the day, if you feel sleep, then your body is telling you that you did not rest enough. You should develop a sleep routine to help you figure out your working hours and schedule enough hours during the day to catch a nap to cover for those sleep hours you missed due to your busy work routine.

For other recommendations for natural remedies that can help you sleep better you can also check the YouTube video below or to check our review on the Fast Asleep System.


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