natural remedies for teethingRaising children can present with various milestone moments, such as their first step, their first word, and their teething time. Contrary to popular belief, teething in infants is not the milk teeth pushing through the gum but a procedure where selective tissue dies in order to give way for the tooth. Teething generally begins when an infant hits 6 months, and it can be incredibly painful for the child. Nowadays, there are various treatments that can be used to ease this pain and this article will provide information on the most natural remedies.


The itching and pain of teething will often have a child gnashing gums and crying. One of the most popular natural remedies to soothe this pain is the use of ice. It is recommended that one freeze filtered water and utilize the cubes only when needed. The rubbing of the ice on the infant’s gums will numb the gums and eliminate any itching. When administering the ice cube, it is important that the baby be upright.

A Washcloth

Similar to the application of ice, the use of a cool washcloth can numb the gums and reduce any redness and/or itchiness. One benefit of this method is that the washcloth can be manipulated to ensure the child is comfortable – similar to a teething ring. Furthermore, by applying a cool washcloth one can adjust the pressure placed on the gums, in addition to the position.

The Finger

Teething rings are beneficial; however, locating the ideal teething ring for the infant’s needs can be complicated. One traditional natural method, which acts as a teething ring, is the use of a finger. By allowing the infant to gnaw on one’s finger instead of the gums, one is eliminating any itchiness or redness. Furthermore, using a finger allows one to rub a larger amount of gums to the necessary pressure. One problem with this method is that it can become painful when the infant receives a tooth.


Another natural method of reducing teething pain is through breastfeeding. The contact of gum on breast helps alleviate any itching or irritability; furthermore, the contact can reduce emotions of irritability and anxiety. This reduction of negative emotions can induce a feeling of calm, which contributes to better health.

Clove Oil

A well-known natural remedy for teething is the use of clove oil. For effective relief from itching and pain, it is recommended that one utilize clove oil in conjunction with another edible oil before application to the gums. It is important to note that clove oil can produce side effects and should be used in small quantities.

Apple Slices

A less known natural remedy for infant teething is the application of apple slices to the gums. The apple used must be firm and crunchy as an infant requires hard surfaces on which to gnash. An additional recommendation is that the apple be chilled as this will reduce inflammation and redness of the gums.

Chewable Objects

As is mentioned above, a hard item is the most effective treatment as it allows the infant to place as much pressure as is needed to reduce itchiness. Many household objects can be used as a substitute teething ring, with the most common being plastic toys and blocks. A wooden spoon can also be used. The wooden spoon is one of the safest items and, unlike some blocks or toys, shows no possible choking hazard.

Frozen Drinks

Similar to the ice and cold washcloth treatments, the use of frozen drinks can be a beneficial remedy for infant teething. The coldness of the drink is able to numb the gums and eliminate any pain or irritation. It is important to consider what the drink is as some drinks may cause more irritation instead of relief. Furthermore, the infant’s allergies must be considered when choosing the substance.

Raw Food

Following on from the apple slice treatment, the use of raw fruits and vegetables can also be a beneficial natural remedy for teething. If this is the chosen treatment, it is important that one steer clear of processed and sugary items as these can cause premature tooth decay.

Final Words On The Matter

Dealing with a teething infant can be a challenge; however, there are various natural remedies that can help one overcome this phase. For other ideas of useful natural remedies for teething you can also take a look at the video we added below. All the best!

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