natural remedies  for hemorrhoidsIf you suffer with hemorrhoids, you are not alone. Statistics indicate that around 40% of all adults are inflicted with this condition at various stages in their lives.

Hemorrhoids are caused by veins in the rectum that become inflamed, enlarged and sore. Folks who suffer with hemorrhoids know about the pain, itch, stinging and bleeding that this very unpleasant condition causes.

So, is surgery the only answer? Or are there any natural remedies for hemorrhoids that really work?

First off, if you suffer with hemorrhoids you need to do something. When the condition is allowed to go without treatment, the symptoms often get much worse. Veins in the anus can swell to the point that they protrude outside of the rectum. Naturally this causes a condition that is not only extremely uncomfortable but the inflamed tissue is exposed to even more irritation.

Here are some of the questions to ask if you fear you may have hemorrhoids developing:


  • Does your anus itch so badly it just about drives you crazy?
  • Do you have pain whenever you strain at stool?
  • Do you bleed when you clean yourself after elimination of stool?


All of these are symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you have any of these symptoms, this is when the natural remedies for hemorrhoids will work best – before the condition becomes more severe.

Here are three simple steps that will lay a great foundation for getting rid of your hemorrhoids.

The first step is to eliminate all processed foods from your daily diet. Processed foods can cause constipation because the body cannot digest them properly. Also, these foods are normally high in sugar, refined white flour and animal fat and when eaten they tend to make your stool harder.

Replace refined foods with natural foods that are high in fiber. This is very important because fiber promotes regularity and healthy stool.

The second step is to get off the couch and get active. Avoid a lifestyle that is sedentary. The area around your rectum is under increased pressure when you sit for long hours. Researchers have found people who sit at a desk all day are much more likely to develop hemorrhoids than those who are active and moving around. If you do have to sit for 8 hours on your job, take an hourly break to get up, stretch, and walk around.

The third step is to start exercising regularly. Exercise will increase the blood flow to all parts of your body – including your rectum. Healthy circulation through proper exercise is just one of many natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

By the way, if you are using medicines that are manufactured with processed materials, stop.
Ointments that are processed are no healthier than food that is processed. Using processed creams may increase the irritation to your hemorrhoids. Even if it doesn’t increase irritation, these creams aren’t curing your condition, so the hemorrhoids will just get worse over time.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you have our sympathy. We know it is a very unpleasant condition. The good news is you can get rid of your hemorrhoids using all natural cures.

Check our review on the Hemorrhoid No More system if you are looking for a complete solution to this condition that is based on all-natural and proven methods. You can also check the video from YouTube that we added below for few more tips that can help you.

We hope that these natural remedies for hemorrhoids will be useful for you to eliminate this unpleasant condition and we wish you the best!

Chris and Taylor


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