If you heard about Natural Clear Vision by Kevin Richardson and you wonder if this vision restoration program is really for you then read on and discover the real truth about Kevin Richardson’s program.

In this Natural Clear Vision review you will find out what the Natural Clear Vision program is all about, what you are going to get when purchasing this product, what the bad and the good things about this vision restoration solution are and much more important, you will fully understand if Kevin Richardson’s system is really the best pick for your specific condition or not.

Let’s start with a short explanation about Natural Clear Vision which will help you to understand what this program is all about…

Natural Clear Vision

What Exactly Is Natural Clear Vision?


Created by Kevin Richardson, a medical researcher that successfully reversed his own severe myopia naturally, and based on Dr William Bates’ famous work on how to use eye exercises to regain 20/20 vision, ‘Natural Clear Vision’ can be best described as a comprehensive eyecare and vision restoration system that was developed in order to help people restoring their vision naturally and keeping their eyesight healthy and crystal clear.

The Natural Clear Vision program revolves around 40 special eye exercises that are very simple to follow and can be followed at home easily and at anytime of the day without any special devices.

All of these exercises can be found inside the Natural Clear Vision manual which is the main component of Kevin Richardson’s program.

However, the Natural Clear Vision program is much more than just an eye exercise program and inside the main manual Kevin Richardson shares more methods and strategies that can make a huge difference when it comes to crystal clear eyesight, such as diet modifications and different lifestyle changes.

In addition, the Natural Clear Vision package contains several other components besides the main manual which makes this program much more comprehensive compared to similar programs online.

We won’t mention all of these components in our review because you can simply read about all of them by visiting the official website. However in order to help you understand better if Natural Clear Vision is really for you, listed here are the major benefits and drawbacks of Kevin Richardson’s program that we believe you should know…

Natural Clear Vision Reviews

The Pros And Cons Of Natural Clear Vision


The Pros


  • The Natural Clear Vision program contains around 40 highly effective guided eye exercises with step-by-step directions on each one of them, something that makes the program user-friendly and easy to follow.
  • All the exercises inside the program are easy to perform and there is no need for any fancy equipment in order to do them.
  • The “Natural 20/20 Instructional Video” that complements the Natural Clear Vision guide is a great addition in our opinion and it will teach you some very important things that will improve your general awareness about your vision, such as how to reduce vision stress, how to create healthy vision habits and more.
  • The Natural Clear Vision book focuses on all-natural methods to restore your vision and because of that there are no side effects to this solution, unlike different drugs or surgeries.
  • As we mentioned before, the Natural Clear Vision package is very comprehensive and we were really impressed by some of the components that we have found inside, such as the “Bates Method manual”, the “Natural Clear Vision Booster” and the “Natural Clear Vision Eye Charts” which offer real value and are not just useless bonus items like in so many similar programs today.
  • The Natural Clear Vision main guide and all the bonus items from Kevin Richardson come with full money back guarantee and you have 8 weeks to decide if this program is really for you or not. This great guarantee actually makes the Natural Clear Vision program completely risk free solution!
  • The Natural Clear Vision program comes in immediate downloadable format which means there are no shipping fees and there is no need to wait days or even weeks to get it. If you want you can actually start following Kevin Richardson’s methods even today…


The Cons


  • The Natural Clear Vision program should be strictly followed and it takes time to see the results. This is not a quick fix and the effectiveness of the Kevin Richardson’s program will depend only on your dedication and efforts.
  • The instructional video that explains the exercises comes in slides and overall it is very useful. However, we believe that a video of a person that demonstrates each one of the exercises will be a better and more effective solution.
  • Natural Clear Vision by Kevin Richardson is available for purchase only online and it is not sold in stores.
  • Although we like most of the bonus items that come with the main Natural Clear Vision guide, we personally believe that few of them are unnecessary (especially the “9 nature sounds tracks” that the reason behind them isn’t explained clearly).


Natural Clear Vision ProgramShould You Get The Natural Clear Vision System?


Kevin Richardson’s Natural Clear Vision program is for you if:


  • You are looking for a natural way to increase your eyesight at the comfort of your own home.
  • You are looking for a natural way to prevent or reduce the progress of different eye problems.
  • You can’t afford expensive eye corrective surgery.
  • You suffer from eye problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or short sightedness Cataract.
  • You are looking for a comprehensive eyecare and vision restoration system that contains almost everything you need to know about the best ways to achieve 20/20 vision naturally.
  • You are looking for 100% safe solution that also comes with full money back guarantee.


Kevin Richardson’s Natural Clear Vision program is not for you if:


  • You are looking for an immediate solution and you can afford expensive surgery.
  • You think that Natural Clear Vision is a “magical cure” for your eyes and only reading this guide will help you to achieve perfect 20/20 vision without real effort on your side.
  • You are looking for one of these cheap guides online that contains some eye exercises which can help you to get partial results and that’s it.

Natural Clear Vision Kevin RichardsonOur Final Verdict

We reviewed some decent eyecare and vision restoration programs before, however we must admit that Natural Clear Vision by Kevin Richardson is the most comprehensive and complete system that we have seen so far (it is even more comprehensive than popular products like the Kidney Disease Solution).

This impressive program really contains all the info you need to know in order to improve your eyesight naturally and unlike similar guides online that only focus on specific exercises, the Natural Clear Vision guide also focuses on other important factors such as nutrition and proper lifestyle.

The thing that we really like about Kevin Richardson’s program is that it is very organized, clear and easy to follow. In addition, the great bonus items and free lifetime updates add real value to the program and they are not just a “gimmick” like in so many products online these days.

With that said, Natural Clear Vision is absolutely not for everyone.

If you think that Kevin Richardson’s product is a “magic pill” or a “quick fix” for your eyesight and only purchasing it will allow you to achieve perfect 20/20 vision without any real effort and dedication on your part, then Natural Clear Vision is probably not for you.

In addition, if you have the money and you are not afraid of surgery then you may want to opt for this option for faster results.

On the other hand, if you are tired of having to compromise in your life as a result of poor eyesight and you are looking for an all-natural and safe solution that can help you to restore your vision without any surgery then we believe that Natural Clear Vision should be your #1 pick.

We hope that our Natural Clear Vision review was helpful for you. Feel free to send us an email if you have any question regarding Kevin Richardson’s product and we will try to help.

We wish you the best!

Chris and Taylor

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