Home Remedies For Gout

Gout is disease similar to that of arthritis. It is caused by a defective metabolism of uric acid within the smaller bones of the feet and knees and can lead to swelling in the joints with acute debilitating pain. Generally, one may be able to manage the pain with anti-inflammatory painkillers; however, these pharmaceuticals can be expensive and in many instances are ineffective. This article will provide you with different home remedies for gout that are beneficial, less costly and present with fewer (if any) side effects. The remedies are not placed in order of effectiveness or preference.

1. Grapes

Grapes have a high alkaline count making them ideal for the reduction of acidity in uric acid. Remember, gout is caused by the presence of uric acid and by expelling uric acid from the body grapes can relieve the symptoms of gout. If utilizing grapes as a treatment, it is recommended you consume at least one cupful daily.

2. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a traditional treatment for various medical difficulties, particularly those that feature inflammation and aching of joints. To use, combine one tablespoon of cayenne with two tablespoons of wintergreen oil to form a paste. Once the paste has been formed, gently rub it onto the joint and surrounding area. It is important you keep your hands away from your eyes when working with the cayenne pepper as contact can be damaging.

3. Cherries

One of the most popular and most effective of all home remedies for gout options is the cherry treatment. Cherries contain antocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties. By eating a minimum of 20 cherries per day between ‘attacks’ you will be able to relieve pain and reduce future ‘attacks’. Furthermore, if you are suffering an ‘attack’ it is recommended you eat a minimum of 30 cherries every four hours until all symptoms subside.

4. Yarrow and nettles

Similar to grapes, yarrow and nettles are effective in expelling uric acid from the body, thus reducing any painful symptoms felt. To use this treatment you must boil the yarrow and nettles in water to create a tea. Strain the ingredients out, and then drink the mixture at least 2-4 times daily.

5. Hot and cold compresses

A well-known method of neutralizing the painful effects of gout is through the use of hot and cold compresses. By alternating these compresses you can increase blood flow through the joints and reduce the inflammation caused by gout. It is recommended that the alternation include a three minute hot compress followed by 30 second cold compress. Repeat this alternation for approximately twenty minutes.

6. Water

One of the most important elements of all home remedies for gout is the intake of water. If you are experiencing gout your kidneys will require assistance in processing and expelling excess uric acid. By drinking a minimum of 2-3 liters of water each day you can remove the uric acid and decrease symptoms of gout.

Final words on the matter

Dealing with gout can be painful and difficult to manage; however using this information on home remedies for gout can make treatment less daunting.

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