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After different comments that we got from users of the get rid of herpes program we decide to notice our blog readers that we are not recommending it anymore. There are better and more comprehensive guides online (such as the Ultimate Herpes Protocol) that cost the same or even less and seem to get better positive ratings from users. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about the reasons we decide to remove our recommendation for the guide…

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get rid of herpes book

What Exactly Is The “Get Rid Of Herpes” System?


Created by Sarah Wilcox, a professional author and an ex genital herpes sufferer, Get Rid Of Herpes can be best described as a unique and 100% natural treatment plan to permanently cure herpes without any side-effects, expensive supplements and ineffective drugs.

Sarah Wilcox explains that these days most of the solutions for herpes on the market don’t tackle the root cause of the problem and because of that gives only limited results for the short term, before the herpes come back. In addition, she says that using all these drugs and medications for a long time will eventually cause nasty side effects such as headaches and swollen patches of skin on the face.

According to Sarah Wilcox this is exactly the reason behind her Get Rid Of Herpes book – to provide herpes sufferers an opportunity to treat their herpes without spending lots of money on expensive, yet often useless herpes treatments.

In order to help you doing so, Sarah Wilcox offers a 46 page step-by-step guide that covers in great details every piece of information that she believes will help you to overcome the different types of herpes, including HsV-1, HsV-2, Oral Herpes and Genital Herpes for good.

Inside her Get Rid Of Herpes book Sarah Wilcox covers lots of topics and presents the most effective ways to overcome herpes naturally. She also provides lots of information about the major symptoms of herpes and the root causes for it so that you can have a better idea of what’s happening to your body while dealing with this virus.

Some other important topics covered in the Get Rid Of Herpes book include the right foods to suppress the herpes virus, a fast and easy to follow method to get relief when you need it, the science behind this natural treatment and more.

This is, in short, the basics of the Get Rid Of Herpes book. Now, in order to understand if Sarah Wilcox’s natural solution is really for you let’s dive in and talk about the major pros and cons of the Get Rid Of Herpes program…

get rid of herpes Sarah Wilcox

The Pros And Cons Of The Get Rid Of Herpes System


The Pros


  • All The methods to get rid of herpes that Sarah Wilcox mention inside her guide are easy to implement and the basic materials needed are very easy to obtain. There is absolutely no need to follow any complex remedies.
  • Unlike antiviral drugs which doctors usually recommend that can lead to some nasty side effects, the treatment options explained inside the Get Rid Of Herpes book do not involve any side effects at all.
  • Sarah Wilcox’s book not only contains a treatment plan to overcome herpes naturally but also provides detailed information about the nature of herpes, something that we believe is very important and can help you deal with this virus more efficiently.
  • The Get Rid Of Herpes book is written in clear English and all the info inside is easy to understand, even for people with no knowledge at all about herpes.
  • Sarah Wilcox offers 60 day money back guarantee for her Get Rid Of Herpes guide which allows you to try her system with no risk. This clearly shows the trust she has in her natural treatment.
  • The price of the Get Rid Of Herpes program is very reasonable and it is much more affordable compared to most of the expensive and unnatural herpes products on the market today.


The Cons


  • While Sarah Wilcox’s guide provides you with all natural treatment to get rid of herpes permanently you need to remember that it is not a “magic pill” and your commitment and involvement are crucial in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Get Rid Of Herpes is available only as a digital downloadable guide and you won’t find it in book stores, only online.
  • As with any other treatment for herpes, the Get Rid Of Herpes system cannot guarantee a 100% success rate and the results may vary. With that said, the 60-day money back guarantee ensures that you will be able to get your money back if you won’t find the treatment plan to be useful for you.


Get Rid Of HerpesShould You Get The Get Rid Of Herpes Book?


Sarah Wilcox’s herpes solution is for you if:


  • You are tired from all of these antiviral medicines that cost a lot and usually don’t work.
  • You are looking for a long term solution for herpes and not only a “quick fix”.
  • You are looking for a herpes treatment that is based on all natural approach and doesn’t involve any side effects.
  • You are looking for an easy-to-understand guidebook that is written in clear English and provides easy to follow methods to overcome herpes naturally and without complex remedies.
  • You are looking for a herpes treatment that comes with full money back guarantee.


Sarah Wilcox’s herpes solution is not for you if:


  • You think that it is a “magic cure” for herpes that doesn’t require commitment, involvement and efforts on your part.

get rid of herpes reviewOur Final Verdict


Overall, Get Rid Of Herpes by Sarah Wilcox is with no doubt one of the best natural herpes treatments available on the market today. This guide contains clinically proven techniques, it is very easy to follow, the strategies inside don’t involve any side effects and the price is very reasonable compared to other herpes solutions these days.

In addition, the fact that this guide tackles the root cause of the herpes virus in order to provide long term results and not only quick fix for the short term is a huge advantage over all of these popular antiviral medicines.

With that said, the Get Rid Of Herpes program is not for everyone.

This natural treatment requires some level of commitment and involvement on your part and if you think that only purchasing Sarah Wilcox’s guide will do the work for you then this herpes treatment is probably not for you and we won’t recommend you purchasing the book.

On the other hand, if you are dissatisfied with the “conventional antiviral medicines” and you are looking for an all natural and safe solution that tackles the root causes of herpes in order to help you get permanent results then the Get Rid Of Herpes book is absolutely for you.

Moreover, right now Sarah Wilcox offers great discounted price for her system and together with the 60-day money back guarantee you have really nothing to lose…

We hope that our Get Rid Of Herpes book review was helpful for you. For any question you can always contact us 🙂

We wish you the best!

Taylor and Chris

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