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Hi guys, after several reports that we got from users who tried the Erase Chronic Pain program without success, we have decided to suggest users try other products in order to help them with their chronic pain issues and to skip this program. You can still check the original review that we posted here before several months below if you want so… All the best!

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Erase Chronic Pain

What Exactly Is The Erase Chronic Pain Program?


Created by Eric Herschel, a former chronic back pain sufferer, and Kevin Kleimar, a globally known neurological researcher, Erase Chronic Pain is a comprehensive guide that contains detailed information on the specific ways you can naturally get rid of almost any form of chronic pain in as little as 21 days.

According to the authors, the reasons why mainstream pain meds are not desirable options are because they contain properties that are addicting and damaging to the liver. In addition, all they do is numb your body temporarily.

What’s more, they said that pain doesn’t always come from a single location, thus trying to find the source is useless. For example, you may feel pain between your neck and upper back, but can you pinpoint the exact location where the pain is being produced?

For Eric Herschel, Kevin’s theory about pain was his key to a life free from debilitating pain. Kevin’s bizarre theory suggests that all types of long-term pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia (extensive pain and heightened painful response to pressure), and neuropathy (damaged or diseased nerves), take place in the brain, or what he calls “Centralized Pain.”

He explains that the Erase Chronic Pain program works simply because it helps to completely eradicate or decrease certain pain chemicals in your brain that are said to be the real culprits behind the excruciating pain you feel. What these chemicals do is they overexcite your brain, so it’s able to feel heightened and constant pain sensations.

Due to this fact, in the Erase Chronic Pain Program Eric Herschel and Kevin Kleimar offer specific food and supplement lists, daily portion guides and a combination guide. They explain that these foods, extracts, supplements, and oils are filled with particular chemicals that are scientifically proven to eliminate these pain chemicals in your brain, if you follow the right combinations.

This is the basic idea behind the Erase Chronic Pain Program. For more information about the scientific facts that support the program and about the different foods that Eric Herschel and Kevin Kleimar recommend inside, you can check their official site.

Now, let’s go over the different pros and cons of the Erase Chronic Pain system in order to understand if this solution can be helpful specifically for you or not.

Kevin Kleimar and Eric Herschel Chronic Pain

The Pros And Cons Of The Erase Chronic Pain Program


The Pros


Costs Less Than Your Meds And Pain Specialist Visits

Between 1997 and 2005, Americans spent a total of $86 billion annually in medical costs for back and neck pain, said a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Did it create positive results?

Brook L. Martin, the study’s lead researcher, said that there weren’t really observable positive effects despite the staggering medical expenditures. In fact, patients experienced more physical limitations and depression.

How about you? How much have you spent so far just to find a solution for your chronic pain? If your answer is something like “too much” then you will be happy to learn that the Erase Chronic Pain guide is available as a low one-time payment only, and in addition, all the foods that the authors recommend inside are pretty cheap and don’t cost more than $20.

100% All-Natural Solutions

Unlike many mainstream pain meds that involve nasty side effects and addictive properties, all the foods and dietary supplements suggested by Eric Herschel and Kevin Kleimar in the Erase Chronic Pain Program are 100% natural and safe to use. In addition, you can easily buy most of them at your local grocery store.

Designed For Permanent Results

How long have you been suffering from pain? Eric Herschel says that he suffered from regular episodes of pain since he was in college, or for over 43 years. That’s actually more than half of his life.

Eric explains that the most important thing to remember is that unlike short-term pain, chronic pain doesn’t only lasts for months or years, but it could also lead to a condition called allodynia. This refers to people suffering from a heightened pain level that’s coming from an external stimulus that’s usually not painful, like a light wind.

The authors explain that this is exactly why the Erase Chronic Pain Program targets the “evil” chemical messengers in your brain, so you can permanently get rid of chronic pain and not only to get limited short-time relief.

Scientifically Studied Treatment

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the particular study led by Kevin Kleimar and his team online. However, we did find a similar study that was led by Dr. Zhuo and his team. You can read the details of their findings through this link.

Anyway, the point is that it’s comforting to know that the information, including the treatments, being offered by the authors is backed up by the scientific world.

Backed Up With A 100% Refund Policy

Kevin Kleimar and Eric Herschel offer full money back guarantee for their program and they let you try it for an entire two months. If within that time you’re still suffering from frequent bouts of intense pain, you can simply send an email requesting for a full refund to the email address they will give you.

In our opinion, this guarantee by Kevin Kleimar and Eric Herschel is very decent and it allows anyone who suffers from intense pain to try their Erase Chronic Pain Program with no risk.


The Cons


Requires Your Dedication And True Effort

You can’t just buy the Erase Chronic Pain Program and then let it sit for a long time without going through the entire guide. This is not some sort of a magic pill that will promise to give you results regardless if you follow the instructions or not.

You should understand that while the Erase Chronic Pain Program is an all-natural and scientific based solution that you can readily implement in the comforts of your home, without your true efforts you simply won’t get any results.

Sold Exclusively Online As A Digital Guide

The Erase Chronic Pain Program is available in PDF format only, so if you don’t like reading eBooks this may prove to be a disadvantage for you.

However, we personally think that it’s easy to overlook this matter if you’re really interested in getting rid of your intense pain for good. Furthermore, you can simply print the guide at home by yourself if this issue is really important to you.

Erase Chronic Pain  reviewThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Erase Chronic Pain Program by Eric Herschel and Kevin Kleimar is worth checking out.

Personally, we really like that this unique program uses treatments that are 100% natural, so there is a decreased possibility of experiencing nasty side effects or get addicted to any pain drugs. In addition, the treatments are scientifically proven and all the information inside the guide is very easy to understand and follow, which is simply great.

It’s also good that the Erase Chronic Pain Program is backed up by a 60-day full refund guarantee. This way you can see for yourself if it really works without worrying about your investment, which is very reasonably priced, by the way.

With that said, Erase Chronic Pain is not for everyone.

If you want instant pain relief without lifting a finger, then the Erase Chronic Pain Program may not be for you. You must understand that without your dedication and efforts this program simply won’t help you at all.

In other words, if you are looking for a “magic pill” that will make your pain instantly disappear, then we will not recommend you getting the Erase Chronic Pain Program.

On the other hand, if you had enough popping those pain-reliever pills that provide only temporary relief, and you are looking for a scientific-based solution that was designed to deliver permanent results, then the Erase Chronic Pain Program can be a great option for you.

Moreover, right now Kevin Kleimar and Eric Herschel offer a special discounted price for the complete Erase Chronic Pain program, and considering that they also offer a 100% refund guarantee, we truly believe that their natural solution is worth the try…

Well, that’s it for this review of the Erase Chronic Pain Program by Eric Herschel and Kevin Kleimar. We sincerely hope you have found this review informative and useful for you, and we wish you a pain-free life!

Chris and Taylor

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