If you heard about the Defeating Diabetes Kit by Yuri Elkaim and you try to understand if this kit can really help you reverse your diabetes for good, then you are welcome to check our detailed Defeating Diabetes Kit review below.

In this in-depth review we will explain what “Defeating Diabetes” is all about, what Yuri Elkaim offers inside his kit, and which pros and cons you should bear in mind when making your final decision about this product…

Let’s start with the basics 🙂

Defeating Diabetes Kit

What Exactly Is The Defeating Diabetes Kit?


Created by Yuri Elkaim, a well-known nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author, the Defeating Diabetes Kit reveals how you can take advantage of a certain “super starch” and other effective dietary strategies in order to reverse your type II diabetes without drugs, insulin shots, and pricey medical treatments.

Yuri claims that the permanent solution to type II diabetes depends on a white starch he referred as dietary resistant starch (RS). The beauty of RS is that it’s easily absorbed by your stomach and goes straight to your intestines, wherein millions of bacteria digest and convert it into a fatty acid. Examples of its food sources are unripe bananas, raw potatoes, seeds, grains, and legumes.

Basically, the Defeating Diabetes Kit is composed of four main components plus a time-sensitive bonus:

Component 1: “The Super Starch Solution” Special Guide

As the title hints, this special guide will discuss about resistant starch, including how to use it to eliminate your diabetes. You’ll also learn about the following things:

  • A white powder that contains the highest amount of resistant starch
  • The top 4 sources of resistant starch
  • How to prepare white foods in order to boost their resistant starch levels

Component 2: The “How to Eat to Beat Diabetes” Nutrition Plan

This 43-page nutrition plan will provide you with 14 tasty, nutritious, and diabetes-busting recipes that you can quickly cook at home. Other things you’ll discover inside are:

  • The “7-Day Rapid Results” meal plan
  • A little-known solution to getting rid of type II diabetes
  • Instructions on how you can customize Yuri’s recipes and meal plan to fit your needs and discriminating palate, without sacrificing their diabetes-fighting benefits
  • A list of the best low-glycemic foods you should eat, as well as a list of high-glycemic foods you should steer clear from
  • The real causes of diabetes based on a revolutionary research
  • Top 8 dietary supplements and 9 effective herbs that are powerful enough to fight off diabetes, and much more…

Component 3: The “20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes” Guide

This component of the Defeating Diabetes Kit is a guide that will cut the guesswork for you by providing 20 delicious and simple recipes that are guaranteed to be beneficial for diabetics.

Component 4: The “Iso burn ‘No Movement’ Workout” Instructional Videos

The workouts in these instructional videos were especially created by Yuri Elkaim. He calls it “Iso Burn,” which you only need to do three times a week for 20 minutes a day. The concept behind these workouts was based on isometric training, which makes your muscles powerful by shoving against something that doesn’t budge or against other muscles.

Time-Sensitive Bonus: The All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook

This cookbook compiles 67 diabetes-busting and energizing recipes that take only fifteen minutes or less to prepare. The great thing about this is that it caters to diabetics with food allergies, such as dairy products and gluten.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about each component of the Defeating Diabetes Kit then please visit this page on the official site. Now, let’s go over the various pros and cons of Yuri Elkaim’s kit…

Defeating Diabetes Kit review

The Pros And Cons Of The Defeating Diabetes Kit


The Pros


Credible And Responsive Author

Yuri Elkaim holds a degree in Bachelors of Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto. He’s also a licensed Holistic Nutritionist (he studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), and he has been a personal trainer for more than a decade now.

Aside from this book, Yuri has also written other nutrition and fitness books, like Super Nutrition Academy, Total Wellness Cleanse, and Eating for Energy. The first book he published, The All-Day Energy Diet, became a Wall Street Journal bestseller, USA Today bestseller, and #2 New York Times bestseller book.

Yuri Elkaim is also a regular guest in various TV shows in Canada, like in A-Channel Morning, Perfect Fit, and CityTV’s Breakfast Television.

But what we really liked about Yuri Elkaim is that he’s very active in social media. When we checked out his Facebook account, he posted an inspirational meme around four hours ago. It seems that he also replies to people’s comments regularly, so if ever you buy the Defeating Diabetes Kit it’s good to know that it’s easy to reach him.

Affordable Choice

With his long list of credentials, we really thought that the Defeating Diabetes Kit is going to be expensive. However, while most guides in the same niche would usually sell for $37 and more, Yuri Elkaim’s kit costs less than $20. Well, we guess that the main reason for this reduced price is that Yuri is serious about his mission to help 10 million people by 2018.

A Comprehensive And Helpful Guide

Admittedly, it’s not hard to check what resistant starch is online. But, there are really not enough free resources that will show you the exact steps on how to maximize the benefits of this super starch. With the Defeating Diabetes Kit at your disposal you’ll know exactly how to combine these RS-rich foods, when to eat them, and the exact serving proportions.

Easy-To-Prepare Recipes

Well, some people just don’t have the right skills for cooking. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. In the videos Yuri Elkaim shares he will show you exactly how to prepare the different tasty and nutritious recipes recommended inside the Defeating Diabetes Kit.

Produces Positive Results

From our research it seems that many users report of having more energy, lost more weight, and have better bowel movements after using the Defeating Diabetes Kit. Some even reported that their blood sugar levels were reduced by as much as 50 points.

A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results of the Defeating Diabetes Kit and feel that it failed to meet your expectations, you can simply ask Yuri Elkaim for a full refund within two months. This basically makes the Defeating Diabetes kit a risk-free choice…


The Cons


Time And Discipline

This isn’t going to work if you’re not going to put in the necessary time and discipline. There are so many temptations out there, especially when you’re eating out or going to parties. Thus, you really need to have the willpower to stick to this diet plan and all the guidelines that Yuri shares inside the Defeating Diabetes kit.

Medical Supervision Needed

We don’t really recommend you ditch your doctor. You still need him or her to monitor your condition. After all, you need to get as much help as possible in order to fully control or reverse your type II diabetes.

Hardcopies Are Not Available

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is available in downloadable PDF and video formats only. This may be a disadvantage for people who like physical books, DVDs, or have slow Internet connection…

yuri elkaim Defeating Diabetes
The Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Defeating Diabetes Kit is a must-have product for people who are pre-diabetics or type II diabetics.

One thing we really liked is that unlike many other diabetes guides online that come from people who don’t have lots of experience in this field, Yuri has the credentials and experience to write this kind of book. As we’ve said earlier, he’s active in his social media accounts, so it’s not going to be hard to ask him your questions and other concerns.

In addition, you will probably love the Defeating Diabetes Kit because it’s easy to understand, contains doable instructions, jam-packed with useful information, and easy on the pockets…

With that said, the Defeating Diabetes Kit is not for everyone.

If you don’t have the time and discipline to invest, if you don’t like reading eBooks, or if you think that this is some kind of “magic pill to reverse your diabetes in only few days”, then the Defeating Diabetes Kit may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you keep wondering how and what to eat in order to control or reverse your condition, or if you’re simply tired of insulin injections and anti-diabetes meds, then the Defeating Diabetes Kit is a great option for you.

Moreover, if you think it’s not worth your money, a 60-day money-back guarantee awaits you. With all those things in mind, we truly believe that Yuri Elkaim’s kit is at least worth a try…

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Well, that’s everything for this review of the Defeating Diabetes Kit by Yuri Elkaim. We sincerely hope this has provided you with the information you need… Good luck defeating your diabetes!

Chris and Taylor

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