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Best Natural Remedies For Psoriasis

Best Natural Remedies For Psoriasis – Tips and Advice


Best Natural Remedies For PsoriasisMedicine is usually the best option, but there are natural home remedies you can apply to deal with your psoriasis without a prescription.

In today’s article we will talk about 8 recommendations that you should consider trying:

1. Keep your skin moist – you need in a moisturizer. If you let your skin get dry your skin itchiness and irritation will worsen. There are a few methods you can use to keep your skin moisturized. The easiest thing is to apply a thick ointment like Vaseline, olive oil or other heavy skin creams. You should avoid thick creams when the weather is hot. Your sweat will mix with the cream and this may make your psoriasis worse.
You should pat yourself dry, and apply the cream immediately after you take a shower, the cream will help in sealing the water.
Before you sleep, you should cover any slathered-up skin with a plastic wrap. And in the morning ensure you wash the affected area gently with look-warm water – this is an effective way of reducing scaling.

2. Bathe with care – you should avoid bathing too much as this will leave your skin very dry. Here are a few tips and suggestions:

Avoid using hot water which is a well-known to cause irritation to a sensitive skin. It is best if you use lukewarm water.
When you drying yourself, avoid rubbing your skin with the towel instead you should part yourself dry and then use your favorite cream.

Bathing yourself with plain water can leave your skin dry. You should add some oils and salts to your bathing water. This mixture will help your skin feel relaxed and soothed.
It is also recommended that you take fewer baths or showers. When you shower too much, you will strip off your skin its natural oils hence leaving it feeling dry. However, ensure you bathe once a day.

3. Stick to recommended remedies – it is very hard and time consuming to apply thick cream on your skin, but you have to know that consistency is key. You should make everything your doctor recommend your own personal routine – it is the only way you will be able to handle your skin condition

4. Expose your skin to the sun – UV light from the sun has the ability to treat your psoriasis and at the same time cause sunburns that will only worsen the condition. When going out, you should cover the areas of your skin that are not affected with a quality sunscreen – should have an SPF of over 30. You should also limit the amount of sun your skin gets. Specialists recommend 20 minutes every day for the next one week.

You should talk with your doctor about this because there are some medicines that do not work well with the sun.

5. Quit smoking – if you want the best for your skin, you have to quit smoking or at least reduce your smoking rate. Psoriasis is another condition that is worsened by smoking. There is a study that showed heavy smokers increased their chances of having severe psoriasis by 50%.

Smoking has more bad effect on women’s skin than on men. There are a lot of experts who agree that smoking is a step closer to dealing with your skin condition. You should also remember that if you quit smoking, you will reduce the chances of developing heart related conditions.

6. Drink alcohol moderately or not at all – it is a fact that psoriasis is a skin condition that is more common to people who are heavy drinkers. Also alcohol has more effect on men’s psoriasis than it has on women. Limit your drinking if you want to manage your skin condition.

7. Diet changes – it is true that we are what we eat. However, there is no specific food that is known to worsen or better psoriasis. But there are people who have reported a decrease in discomfort when they stopped or started taking certain foods. All in all you should avoid a diet with too much sugar and caffeine.

8. Ensure you are mentally healthy – this is the part that most people tend to overlook. You need to ensure that your skin condition will not hurt your self-esteem in any way. If it’s affecting you or causing you stress, you should look for help. There are therapists who will walk you through the process and you will be able to handle the condition without too much trouble.

It is also helpful if you join a support group. Sharing with people who really understand what you are going through will ease and fasten your recovery time.

Unfortunately, there is no single solution that is known to cure psoriasis. Also, not all remedies work the same for everyone. You should use the tips and suggestion given here and other you will find on the internet to come up with a remedy plan that will work for you. This plan should be your daily routine and with time you will be able to deal with your skin condition.

A good example of such plan is the Psoriasis Revolution program that we reviewed here in the past. You can also find other tips about natural remedies for Psoriasis that can help you deal with it in the video below.

We hope that it helps…


Recommended Natural Remedies for Eczema


Diet and lifestyle can contribute to eczema and must be addressed adequately before deciding on any remedies to alleviate this condition. Eczema is basically an inflammation of the skin and its various forms can affect people from almost any age group.

Quite often, eczema conditions get permanently resolved after a certain age, but there are other sufferers of this dermatitis who have to live with it throughout their life. In most cases a family history of allergic adds to this eczema. The main goal for any natural remedies for eczema is to prevent the itching and inflammatory condition that causes the sufferer extreme discomfort. In many cases, the eczema is caused by lifestyle which imposes certain strain on the affected parts of the body, and simply making changes to the lifestyle affords a solution to the condition.

Natural remedies for eczema, which have been around for centuries and have a proven record of affording relief to sufferers include the following:

• Coconut oil
• Oatmeal baths
• Mud packs
• Eating raw vegetables and fruits
• Proper hydration

Coconut oil has properties that keep the skin hydrated, and this is the key to any elimination of eczema. This has been proven clinically effective and the application of coconut oil to the affected area of skin, at least twice a day has proved to be a very effective natural remedy for eczema.

Baths with water that has oatmeal mixed into it, can be another natural remedy for eczema. The oatmeal helps to moisturize the skin, and as is known moisturizing is very important in skin conditions. The oatmeal needs to be blended into a powder, and there must be no lumps in the bath water. The remedy is most effective if such baths are taken for a quarter of an hour, two times a day.

Mud packs not only act as natural remedies for eczema, but also help to remove impurities from the skin, and smooth out eczema scars and blemishes. The mud must have no impurities like pebbles or stones. The application of a properly prepared mud pack needs to be applied and left for about half an hour. This helps the affected skin to get hydrated. The packs can then be removed with luke-warm water.

Processed food makes up part of most modern diets and contains chemicals and toxins, which show their first effect on the skin. Eating raw fruits and vegetables can help to reduce the effect of these toxins that can at times lead to eczema. They also contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are also good for general health.

It has been established that proper hydration is the best thing for skin, and sufferers from this disease are advised to drink lots of water and constantly replenish any that they lose through sweating. Six to eight glasses of plain water everyday can be good for general health as well.

Sufferers of eczema can safely try out all these natural remedies that will have no side effects, before they go in for any other medical regime. For a more detailed plan that is based on all-natural means you can also check our review on the Eczema Free Forever book.

All the best!

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