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Hypertension Reverser By Derek Daniels – Detailed Review



Hello everyone

Today we will review the Hypertension Reverser guide By Derek Daniels. As always, our review will be divided into 3 sections:

In the first section of our review, we will provide all the basic details about the guide and the bonus reports that come with it.

In the second section we will focus on the pros and cons.

In the last section we will emphasize the most important things that you should understand about the Hypertension Reverser program before making a final decision…

Let’s start 🙂


Hypertension Reverser

What Exactly Is The Hypertension Reverser?


Created by Derek Daniels, an ordinary citizen whose mother suffered from hypertension, “Hypertension Reverser” is a user-friendly guide that will show you how you can treat high blood pressure (hypertension) and become healthy again by using an all-natural methods, while still enjoying whatever foods you crave.

According to Derek, it’s possible to cure hypertension. However, the problem is that doctors are giving drugs that don’t treat the root cause, but only the symptoms. This is because big pharmaceutical companies are pressuring doctors to prescribe their drugs in exchange for monetary compensation.

During his research, Derek Daniels spent several weeks digging up alternative treatments for hypertension. That’s when he encountered some research papers of Dr. Julian Whitaker, who’s supposedly a licensed family doctor and a nutritional researcher. He learned that the root cause of high blood pressure is plaques that are blocking blood vessels.

But, it’s not enough to get rid of these plaques. If you want to prevent hypertension from recurring, you need to jump-start your body metabolism to burn off fat, causing you to shed the excess weight while you rest.

About The Hypertension Reverser Guide

Derek Daniels collected various natural ingredients and developed a set of easy-to-prepare and delicious meal plans, which will reduce hypertension naturally. He shares all of them in the Hypertension Reverser guide.

More specifically, here are some of the main things you’ll discover inside his guide:

  • The conspiracy between the medical industry and big pharmaceutical companies.
  • A closely-guarded solution to radically restore the elasticity of large blood vessels (arteries) to promote better blood flow.
  • The real cause of hypertension and what you can you do to fix it fast.
  • Different meal plans, including smoothie recipes, which you can prepare in a few minutes using little-known ingredients that eliminate the deadly plaques from your arteries and target hypertension at its core.
  • A report that shares different clinical cases where hypertension was actually cured.
  • Simple and detailed instructions to make it easier for you to make the Hypertension Reverser program work for you.
  • Tips you can use to control your blood pressure in the long term once you’ve reduced it down to a healthy level.
  • How to increase your metabolism efficiently to shed stubborn fat and get a slimmer waistline.
  • Simple techniques that can help you change your diet or lifestyle drastically, and much more…

Aside from the main guide, you’ll also receive 3 bonus items free of charge:

#1 –The “Fat Burning Switch” report that will help you to lose the excess weight safely and effectively.

#2 – The “Diabetes Reverser” report that will teach you different tips on how to prevent or reverse diabetes.

#3 – The “Body Age Reverser” report that will show how you can fight the signs of aging naturally…

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Hypertension Reverser pros cons

The Pros And Cons Of Hypertension Reverser


The Pros


It Can Truly Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

We’re not saying it’s going to get rid of it for good because there’s still no permanent cure for it. However, by following the tips and plans in the Hypertension Reverser guide, there’s a possibility that you may stop taking your medications in a reasonably short amount of time.

It’s Free from Serious Side Effects

As you may know, antihypertensive meds cause many side effects. For instance, diuretics could cause weakness, headache, diarrhea, and dry mouth. Other common side effects of antihypertensive meds are drowsiness, light-headedness, constipation, cough, nervousness, and erection problems.

According to the Centre for Health Protection (Hong Kong), there’s no need to continue taking your antihypertensive meds once your blood pressure lowers to healthy levels.

In simple words, this is exactly where the Hypertension Reverser program can help.

It’s Straightforward And Easy To Implement

Derek Daniels explains everything in the simplest terms possible. He organized his thoughts well, so it’s easy and enjoyable to read his guide. In addition, he gave detailed instructions, so you don’t have to guess what to do next. In that sense, the Hypertension Reverser program is easy to implement.

Full Refund Guarantee

You have an entire two months to read, understand, and put into action the Hypertension Reverser guide. If within that period it fails to lower your blood pressure and make you healthier, Derek encourages you to ask for a full refund.

This guarantee makes the Hypertension Reverser system a risk-free option…


The Cons


There Are Different Causes Of Hypertension

Hypertension could be due to various conditions, such as stress, old age, lack of physical activity, being obese or overweight, genetics, chronic kidney disease, and so on. The Hypertension Reverser program may not be able to prevent or cure some of these conditions.

Doesn’t Replace Medical Intervention

Don’t stop your medication abruptly. This could cause a rebound effect, which can be potentially dangerous. Even Derek Daniels advised against it.

Personally, we will recommend you to talk to your doctor before implementing the methods in the Hypertension Reverser guide.

It’s A Digital Product

After you pay for this course, you’ll be able to view it on your screen immediately. However, this would be a disadvantage for people with unreliable internet connection or those who prefer going through a print book. A good solution for the latter problem is to print the main guide and bonuses from your computer…


Hypertension Reverser reviewThe Bottom Line

So, is it possible to cure hypertension permanently and without taking medications?

Well, we believe it depends on the root cause and severity of your condition. According to this medical article, it is possible to lower blood pressure in people with mild hypertension without taking antihypertensive meds.

Non-drug therapies include weight loss, limiting sodium intake, dietary changes, exercise, limiting alcohol intake, relaxation, and taking certain dietary supplements (calcium, magnesium, and potassium).

Considering this article, as well as many other researches we have found online, we truly believe that the Hypertension Reverser guide is worth checking out by people suffering from mild to moderate hypertension. This guide offers all-natural methods that the can help you control your blood pressure and lowers it to healthy levels. In addition, Derek Daniels’ style of writing makes it really easy to understand and follow his methods.

Of course, this guide has its downsides, and we’re stressing that it’s not a total replacement for expert medical advice. We believe that you should never stop taking your maintenance meds without your doctor’s permission because it could cause dangerous rebound effects.

To sum it up: If you’re looking for a “quick fix”, or if you’re suffering from a serious form of hypertension, then the Hypertension Reverser program might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want to get off your antihypertensive meds sooner, if you’re suffering from mild or moderate hypertension, or if you are looking for an-all natural solution to high blood pressure, then the Hypertension Reverser system could be a great option for you.

Moreover, since Derek Daniels is offering a 60-day money back guarantee, we personally believe there is no risk giving his Hypertension Reverser program a try…

Well, we hope we provided you with enough information to make a wise decision. We wish you all the best and a good health!

Chris and Taylor 🙂

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Michael E. Warner

Restore My Blood Pressure By Michael Warner – Real Review


If you heard about Restore My Blood Pressure by Michael E. Warner, and you try to understand if this solution for high blood pressure can really help you or not, then you are very welcome to take a look at our complete review below.

On this Restore My Blood Pressure review we will focus on the main things that you should know about Michael Warner’s system, explain to you what you will get once you purchase his package, and talk with you about the most important pros & cons which we believe will help you make the right decision.

Let’s start with a general overview and firstly understand what Restore My Blood Pressure is all about…

Restore My Blood Pressure

What Exactly Is Restore My Blood Pressure?


Created by Michael E. Warner, a former high blood pressure and high cholesterol sufferer, Restore My Blood Pressure can be best described as a comprehensive guide that reveals a scientifically proven, safe, and natural method to permanently restore your blood pressure and wipe out bad cholesterol from your body in as little as 21 days.

Based on the 2013 ‘Statistical Fact Sheet’ by the American Heart Association, it’s said that 1 in every 3 American adults have hypertension (high blood pressure) and 47.5% don’t have their condition under complete control. In fact, hypertension was the primary cause of death of 61,762 Americans back in 2009.

Michael Warner explains that in addition to these facts, there are also around 18.5% of people who are not aware they have high blood pressure, which is even scarier, considering that this condition could trigger a heart attack or stroke.

As a result, inside his Restore My Blood Pressure system Michael E. Warner offers step-by-step advice and lots of information on high blood pressure and how to restore it naturally. Listed below are some of the main things you’ll learn from his guide:


  • Helpful breathing methods that you can use to lower your blood pressure in seconds.
  • How the manner of your walk can naturally reduce your blood pressure levels.
  • Particular nuts that you can consume to maintain a healthy balance between your blood HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) ratio.
  • A strange juice you can drink to lower your bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) count.
  • A particular sleeping habit that often serves as a warning sign.
  • An often ignored Asian food that’s really great for your health.
  • A particular coffee that’s used to instantly improve your blood pressure.
  • The chocolate that will help you become healthy if you follow the right serving portion, and a lot more…


In addition to the Restore My Blood Pressure main guide, Michael Warner also included these bonus items in his package:

1. “Dangerous Heart Remedies” – This guide will reveal to you certain heart remedies that are advertised as safe and effective, but are actually really dangerous to your health.

2. “Rapid Weight Loss” – Since your weight can affect your heart health and blood pressure, Michael included this guide to help you safely and effectively shed those extra pounds fast.

3. “50 Recipes For Restoring Blood Pressure” – As the name hints, here you will find different recipes that use ingredients taken from the main guide. These recipes are not only tasty, but they’re also meant to lower your blood pressure.

4. “Diet & Nutrition” – This bonus item is composed of videos that feature a health expert, who will show you how to perform various methods that you can use to keep your blood pressure under control.

Now that we’ve given you a general overview of the Restore My Blood Pressure system, let’s go next to its various pros and cons…

Restore My Blood Pressure review

The Pros And Cons Of The Restore My Blood Pressure Program


The Pros


Easy-To-Follow Guide And Techniques

It’s least likely you’ll get things wrong in this guide. Everything’s well explained using simple everyday language and you don’t have to deal with medical jargons or technical talk. In addition, you’re not going to make “almost impossible” lifestyle changes when following the methods inside this guide – a big advantage when compared to other solutions that require lots of lifestyle modifications.

Less Exposure To Adverse Effects

We’re not saying conventional medical treatments don’t work. They do. It’s just they are often accompanied by a long list of adverse effects, especially when it comes to antihypertensive drugs. Acebutolol hydrochloride (brand names: Monitan and Sectral), for instance, can cause fatigue, airway constriction, or worse, heart failure.

The good news is that Restore My Blood Pressure doesn’t involve meds or dietary supplements. Michael E. Warner painstakingly gathered long forgotten natural methods that safely and effectively restore normal blood pressure and balance cholesterol profile.

Can Be Used By Almost Anybody

Whether you’re 60-something or have severe hypertension, you can definitely take advantage of the methods and information locked inside this guide. According to Michael Warner, people as old as 90 years have already used the Restore My Blood Pressure program to become healthier.

An Affordable One-Time Fee

How much are you spending monthly for your meds or medical consultations? If your answer is “too much” then you will be happy to know that while the Restore My Blood Pressure package is not entirely dirt cheap, you only have to pay once for it.

We are willing to bet that this guide costs lower than your monthly health expenses and the last time we checked the official website, Michael Warner slashed off $60 from the original retail price of this guide, which makes it super-affordable compared to other solutions and similar guides online.

Get All Your Money Back, Guaranteed

Michael E. Warner explains that you can try his Restore My Blood Pressure guide for two months and if within that time span you’re not happy with the results, you can get a full refund.

While this is not the first time we see this kind of guarantee online, we still think that this is a huge advantage that actually allows you to try the Restore My Blood Pressure system without any risk.


The Cons


Rebound Effects

The reality is you can’t just stop antihypertensive drugs immediately, or you risk suffering from rebound effects. It’s always recommended to consult your physician to ask how to properly wean off from your meds, if that’s possible.

May Not Work For All People

You may need to address the root cause of your high blood pressure in order to effectively keep it at normal levels. Secondary hypertension is associated with other health issues, like heart anomalies, kidney damage, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

In addition, while this guide can help many people, you may have to wait longer than 21 days in order to observe its positive results.

Distributed In PDF And Video Formats

The main module and other bonus guides, with the exception of the “Diet & Nutrition” component, are available as PDFs only. Unfortunately, you can’t buy them offline, and if you prefer a hard copy your only option is choosing to print the entire system at your cost.

Michael E. WarnerThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Restore My Blood Pressure program is a great option for all people plagued by high blood pressure, especially those who didn’t find success in other traditional or conventional treatments.

We really liked how Michael E. Warner used simple language to explain everything in this guide. There are no nosebleed jargons or complicated analogies inside, so it’s fun to read and easy to implement his instructions.

We also liked that this program is relatively inexpensive, so it’s not that hard to obtain. Moreover, the fact that Michael E. Warner designed it in a way that almost anybody can use it, regardless of the severity of a person’s hypertension or his age, is also a huge advantage in our opinion.

With that said, the Restore My Blood Pressure system is not for everyone.

Firstly, we really don’t recommend that you instantly stop taking all your maintenance drugs or visiting your doctor after getting hold of this guide. In addition, you should remember that Restore My Blood Pressure is based on all natural methods and it may take longer than 21 days to see the results, so please keep your expectations at reasonable levels.

In other words, if you think that this guide by Michael E. Warner is some kind of “magic pill” and you believe that you will get “instant results” without dedication and some work on your part, then we won’t recommend you getting the Restore My Blood Pressure program from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you want to give your body rest from the side effects of your meds or if you want something that you can easily integrate into your daily life in order to restore your blood pressure naturally and wipe out the bad cholesterol from the body, then Restore My Blood Pressure can be a great option for you.

Moreover, considering that this system is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can recover your original investment if you’re not happy with the results, we really don’t see any reason not to give Restore My Blood Pressure a try…

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We sincerely hope that this review has helped you in your decision making process. If you have any question that you think we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to help as much as we can.

All the best!

Chris and Taylor

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