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If you have heard about the 60 Second Panic Solution by Dan Alexander and Anna Gibson-Steel and you wonder if this program can really help you or not, then please stay with us for few minutes and find all you must know about this product before making any decision.

On our 60 Second Panic Solution review we will present you with every piece of information we believe you should know about this program and will cover in details the major pros and cons of it so you can make the right decision.

Before we start, we just want to emphasize that this is a review of the 60 Second Panic Solution and NOT the official site of it. For the official site or for very special deal that allows you try the complete program by Dan Alexander and Anna Gibson-Steer for only $1 please Click Here Now.

Still here? Great! Let’s begin with the basics and look at the main principles behind the 60 Second Panic Solution system…


60 Second Panic Solution

What Exactly Is The 60 Second Panic Solution?


Published by Dan Alexander, an ex-panic attack sufferer, The 60 Second Panic Solution is a brand new system that is based on Anna Gibson-Steel’s proven methods which let individuals tap into their mind-body connection to prevent or stop panic attacks within 60 seconds flat.

Just to be clear, the methods Dan Alexander introduced in this system were taught to him by Anna Gibson-Steel, an Ireland-based therapist who also used to suffer from panic attacks, and as a way to extend Anna’s help to other sufferers, Dan created The 60 Second Panic Solution program.

According to Anna Gibson-Steel, people suffer from intense panic or anxiety attacks – even when there’s no real and imminent danger – because their survival instinct, a.k.a. fight or flight response, goes crazy. If left untreated, this could lead to dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, Anna Gibson-Steel explains that this survival instinct that went berserk can’t be cured just by taking drugs, doing mind conversations or reading psychology books. In fact, one of the side effects of anti-anxiety drugs is… well, anxiety!

Anna Gibson-Steel also claims that anti-anxiety drugs are not designed to be taken long-term, and besides, they only mask the symptoms and not address the root causes. In order to deal with this situation properly, the 60 Second Panic Solution program contains a simple yet powerful technique that will only take 20 minutes for you to learn and only 60 seconds for you to implement.

The principle behind The 60 Second Panic Solution is called Neuro-Activation Therapy. This principle is ancient, but it has been proven by recent scientific research. According to Dan Alexander and Anna Gibson-Steel, this simple technique is not only scientifically researched, but it’s also a recognized technique among Buddhist monks, Indian Yogis and Chinese traditional healers for centuries.

In a nutshell, this technique basically involves your thumb, index finger and your brain power. These will help you turn off your lizard brain, which causes your intense panic and anxiety attacks, in just 60 seconds.

And if a 60-second relief is not enough, Anna Gibson-Steel has also developed a simple step-by-step technique that can help you permanently get rid of your intense panic and anxiety in just 3 weeks. Anna calls this 3-week program as “Thought Patrol”.

Anna explains that this all-natural system works for both adults and children as young as five years old. It also works on people experiencing general anxiety disorder (GAD), anxiety attack, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and phobias.

When we look at the product itself, aside from the main 60 Second Panic Solution eBook that contains almost 150 pages, the package that Dan Alexander offers also includes audio files (mp3 format) and few bonus videos.

Now that you have a better understanding about the 60 Second Panic Solution program it is time to move on and go over its different pros and cons…

60 Second Panic Solution review

The Pros And Cons Of The 60 Second Panic Solution


The Pros


No Serious Side Effects To Deal With

The 60 Second Panic Solution is a 100% natural system and you don’t need to take prescription drugs in order for this to work.

It is also important to know that according to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand has issued warnings against anti-anxiety drugs and their potential adverse effects, like addiction, sleep deprivation, amnesia, depression, agitation and suicide risk.

Find Relief Right Away

Just like what the name hints, you can use Anna Gibson-Steel’s method to prevent or stop panic or anxiety before it overwhelms your senses in just 60 seconds. What’s more, you can also learn other research-based and little-known techniques in this system that will help you overcome your anxiety for good in only several weeks.

Costs Lower Than Mainstream Treatments

So, how much have you paid for your therapy sessions or prescription drugs each year? Get this – a one-week intensive program for panic disorder from the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) will cost you $3,700.

On the other, although Anna Gibson-Steel and Dan Alexander invested lots of time and efforts when researching and creating their product, the price that they ask for is pretty low and for one-time payment you get a lifetime access to The 60 Second Panic Solution system and all the bonus items.

Easy To Understand And Implement

Anna Gibson-Steel combined traditional principles with scientific studies (in the neurophysiology and cognition fields) in order to form this system’s core principle called the Neuro-Activation Therapy. She turned what she learned from her intensive research into a practical method that any layperson would easily understand and apply.

In fact, you only need around 20 minutes to master this 60-second technique.

Backed Up By A Hassle-Free Full Refund

According to Anna Gibson-Steel, she has successfully helped over 2,000 people to overcome their panic attacks in her Ireland private clinic alone until this day. However, if ever you feel that her program didn’t give you the results you were hoping for, she and Dan Alexander invite you to send them an email to get a full refund of your money.

It is also important to mention that this guarantee is backed up by a trusted retailer of digital products, so in our view you can actually try the 60 Second Panic Solution without any risk.


The Cons


Doesn’t Work Overnight

While it may provide instant results for some individuals, we want to stress that the 60 Second Panic Solution is not an overnight miracle cure. It may take a few days or weeks before you could experience its full benefits, and like any other treatment of this kind the effectiveness of this program may vary between different people.

Can Be Overwhelming For Some People

The 60 Second Panic Solution main eBook is a 145-page guide which is packed with detailed information and many important details. If you are not fond of reading or don’t want to wait long, this may be a deal breaker for you.

It’s a good thing, though, that you have video and audio versions of this system to take advantage of.

Distributed Only In Digital Format

As we have said before, The 60 Second Panic Solution system comes in a downloadable PDF format with complementary video and mp3 files. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this system anywhere offline and this program is not available in a physical edition yet.

Anna Gibson-Steel 60 second panic solutionThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the 60 Second Panic Solution is a unique and affordable product that can be really beneficial for many people suffering from all kinds of anxiety disorders.

We think that it’s great for Dan Alexander to make Anna Gibson-Steel’s anti-anxiety methods available for everyone who can’t personally meet her for a private therapy session, and we really like the fact that you don’t have to deal with pills and their side effects when following this program.

In addition, the fact that in just around 20 minutes you can learn a simple yet effective technique that will help you to take control of your anxiety in 60 seconds flat is really impressive. Not only that, we must admit that we were really fascinated with the 3-week treatment program that Anna Gibson-Steel introduce to the users in order to help them fully overcome their anxiety or panic attacks – forever.

With all that said, The 60 Second Panic Solution is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re taking any maintenance drugs for your condition, please don’t stop taking them without consulting your doctor first. Some anti-anxiety drugs could cause adverse effects if stopped abruptly.

In addition, although some may have managed to get immediate results, it may not be the case for others, including you. The results you expect may take a couple of days/weeks before they materialize and you must understand that this treatment plan requires patience and real efforts on your part. If you are looking for a “miracle cure” or something like that then the 60 Second Panic Solution is absolutely not for you.

On the other hand, if you haven’t received the relief you deserve from your therapist, if you’ve already spend too much money on expensive (and useless) drugs or if you are simply looking for a safe, effective and simple to follow system that can help you to prevent or stop panic attacks naturally, then The 60 Second Panic Solution may be a great option for you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for this system and the fact that Dan Alexander backs up this product with a full money-back guarantee and provides special $1 trial offer for his complete program these days allow you to try this out risk-free for 60 days, so actually, there is really nothing for you to lose…

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Well, this is everything we believe you need to know about The 60 Second Panic Solution.

We sincerely hope you find this review a big help for you and we wish you a fulfilling and happy life ahead!

Chris and Taylor

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